Gonaturs Brass Pooja Set for Aarati/Traditional Kerala Ashtamangalyam Set for Pooja

  • Made of quality brass, Pooja Taalam Diameter : 7.5 IN, Number of Pieces-11
  • Ashtamangalyam Pooja Set is Made Of High-standard Brass And Gifting It On The Occasion Of marriage is Believed To Bring Prosperous And Long Marriage Life. This Is A Most Auspicious Gift For The Bride At The Wedding. Pooja Thali Is Spiritual Lucky Gift, Fengshui Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Easter Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift Etc
  • The traditional bridal gift given as part of the wedding ceremony. The Ashtamangalya set is all the things a Kerala woman loves to keep and to decorate herself, and is an auspiscious sight
  • As the name suggests, “Ashta” means eight & “Mangalyam” meaning auspicious. Ashtamangalyam set/Pooja set consists of 8 major items including Brass Thali, Vilakku, Kavaravilakku, Ashtamangalyam, Kindi, Uruli, Para, Kudam, Incense Stand, Sandal Bowl, Handbell, Symbolic Val Kannadi and Agarbathi stand
  • Apart from that Ashtamangalya/Brass thali is used for home décor as well as it is generally considered to be an auspicious product that brings prosperity & happiness to every home. The right choice to accent your home in traditional style and a wonderful collectible you can pass on to the younger generation

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