Amazon Brand - Solimo Akhand Diya/Oil Lamp for Puja

  • Brass diya to be used during worship in the puja room or as a lamp
  • Comes with a crystal, matki-shaped cover
  • Can be used in breezy areas or under the fan
  • Meaningful gift option during festivals
  • Follow these steps to keep the diya lit for an extended period. Dip a cotton wick in ghee or oil and place it in the wick holder. Pour ghee or oil till 5 mm below the brim and light the diya. Place the glass cover and top with the brass cup.
  • Dimensions: 11x9x11 cm
  • Package contents: 1 brass diya, 1 brass top, 1 borosilicate glass cover
  • Care instructions: Rinse the diya, scour with pitambari powder for extra shine, wash well under running water, and wipe clean with a dry cloth

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