Shubhkart Tejas Pure Ghee Diya with Batti Pack of 30 Diyas

  • Time-Saving Puja Essential : This combo of puja essential : Shubhkart Tejas Ghee Wicks (30N) and steel Niranjan Diya add a touch of ease to puja preparation.
  • Ideal for rituals and festive occasions: The Shubhkart Tejas Ghee Wicks (30N) and Steel Niranjan Diya come handy for homemakers to offer their prayers during festive occasions, day to day worship and ceremonies.
  • The Tejas Ghee Wicks (30N) in this combo are hassle-free alternative to homemade diyas.
  • Easy to use : Compared to home made wicks, the Tejas Ghee Wicks can be easily placed in the Steel Niranjan Diya and lighted to create a devotional ambience.
  • Creates a devotional ambience: Since a lighted diya is symbol of prosperity, the Steel Niranjan Diya in this combo brings a completeness to puja when it is lighted using Tejas Ghee Wicks

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