Your Time Will Come

Love can break the strongest of men and they are the ones to fall hard. But after the fall, will they be able to bounce back and start afresh? Will they ever realize that true love is supposed to “build” them and not “break” them? Siddharth Saxena, a young and dynamic CEO, falls apart when the girl he believes was his, leaves. Depression drives Sid into a web of darkness. His life slips, his business falters, and the world around him shatters. Shanaya enters his life as his wife, unaware of his personal battles. He likes her but does not want to acknowledge the feelings she evokes in him, as he is wary of falling into the trap of love again. But she trusts him and believes that his time will come. He cannot help but be inspired by her positivity which awakens a determination within him. With her by his side, can he rediscover himself and get his life back? Or will he stay broken forever?

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