Sandalwood Paste -Chandan Kesar Tika

Indulge in the pure essence of spirituality with our Sandalwood Paste and Chandan Kesar Tika, exquisite offerings that elevate your spiritual rituals and enhance the sanctity of your worship.

Sandalwood Paste, also known as Chandan, is renowned for its divine fragrance and cooling properties. It has been a revered element in Hindu rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Our Chandan Kesar Tika combines the aromatic goodness of pure Sandalwood with the essence of Kesar (saffron), creating a fragrant paste that adds purity and tradition to your worship.

Applying Chandan Kesar Tika to the forehead, also known as tilak, is a sacred practice that signifies devotion and marks the beginning of a spiritual journey. The soothing aroma of sandalwood and the auspiciousness of saffron combine to create a unique sensory experience.

Our Sandalwood Paste and Chandan Kesar Tika are meticulously prepared to preserve their quality and authenticity. Each application offers a moment of tranquility and reverence, making your rituals even more enriching.


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