Rudra Centre Shree Saraswati Yantra Bracelet in Copper

  • Divine Shree Saraswati Yantra Bracelet : Embrace the blessings of Goddess Saraswati with this Copper Bracelet featuring a perfectly embossed Yantra on a round copper coin.
  • Goddess of Wisdom and Arts : The Shree Saraswati Yantra resonates with Goddess Saraswati, the patron of education, arts, music, wisdom, and knowledge.
  • Creative Inspiration : Experience the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, which include enhanced creativity, improved communication skills, and expansion of knowledge in your chosen field.
  • Comfortable and Stylish : The copper coin is designed for a comfortable fit on your wrist, allowing you to wear it throughout the day with ease. It's strung on an adjustable thread with natural Wooden Beads for an appealing and earthy look.

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