Rudra Centre Kuber Yantra Bracelet in Copper

  • Sacred Kuber Yantra : Elevate your prosperity and abundance with this Copper Yantra Bracelet featuring a perfectly embossed Kuber Yantra on a round copper coin.
  • Lord Kuber's Blessings : Connect with Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth and treasures, as this bracelet brings his blessings for financial stability, prosperity, and material abundance.
  • Attract Wealth : The Kuber Yantra is known for its power to attract wealth and prosperity into your life, helping you achieve your financial goals and aspirations.
  • Financial Well-Being : Wear this bracelet daily to enhance your financial well-being, attract opportunities, and remove obstacles to your wealth and success.
  • Adjustable and Stylish : Strung on an adjustable thread and adorned with wooden beads, this bracelet is not just spiritually significant but also adds a stylish touch to your attire.

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