Reshamm® Vedic Havan Dhoop Powder

  • This dhoop Cone / Powder is an important part of Puja articles to make the ritual complete in most ethnic & authenticate way. A decent gift item in festival or corporate gifting. Arya Samaj Vedic Hawan Ritual.
  • Reshamm Vedic Havan Powder-Euro 97 use as Havan samagree is a pure herbal product. A gift from nature come with beautiful reusable ceramic diya for puja as havan kund small for home, 13 yrs Researched havan puja samagri made of 97 Forest Herbs Products & cow dung dhoop (So named Euro 97). A vibrant blue color plastic cone mould, havan spoon wooden & match box big size is also given with this havan samgri in the box for daily hawan for Pooja. Best replacement of hawan cups. 120 days use
  • Reshamm Havan dhoop powder can be used as per convenience EITHER by making it a cone shape in the cone mould & lighting it in ceramic diya to perform daily hawan for Pooja (120 days consumption) OR Just by sprinkling it on the ember while doing big hawan ritual using hawan kund big size. NO NEED to buy any other havan puja samagri or charcoal/wood powder or even cheap ghee for daily havan from market as this export quality hawan samagari

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