Humsafar Hardcover – 5 June 2023

This book is a treasure trove of over 150 beautiful and timeless romantic ghazals, nazms, and rubaais— all of them translated and transliterated into English. It holds the iconic verses of poets like Ghalib, Firaq, and Faiz, and showcases the poetry of popular contemporary poets.

Lose yourself in the captivating melodies of Urdu poetry with Humsafar, and discover the beauty and power of love that transcends all boundaries.

Experience the magic of Urdu poetry!

  • A collection of timeless poetry
  • Best works of renowned poets who explore spirituality
  • A must-have book for poetry lovers
  • Poems that explore love and beauty in all its glory
  • Captivating ghazals, nazms, and rubaais

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