GT Sugam Jumbo Natural Fragrance Masala Filled Sambrani Cup

  • Fragrances: GT Sugam Jumbo Cups Come With The Divine Fragrance Of Natural Sambrani with pure Almond drops.
  • This resin is a traditional and spiritual purifier and atmosphere, which can use to remove all negative energies from your home, work or worshipping environments.
  • Created using ethically and sustainably sourced pure ingredients, GT Sugam Jumbo Sambrani Cup is ready to use. These Sambrani Cups for Pooja energize your pooja room, meditation and
  • GT Sugam Jumbo Sambrani Cups (Dhoop Cups/Loban Cups/Havan Cups for Pooja) spread a pleasant, floral, herbal fragrance blended with the uplifting notes of essential oils and Sambrani (Guggul).

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