Cycle Pure Combo Pack of Naivedya Sambrani Cup

  • MADE WITH NATURAL RESINS: Cycle Naivedya Sambrani Cups, Cycle Navin Sambrani Cups and Vasu Loban Dhoop are made with benzoin resins (Sambrani) for a convenient, traditional Sambrani experience in today's fast times. Cycle Naivedya Jumbo Sambrani Cups are made for large spaces and prayer rituals with a strong, dense fragrance diffusion.
  • FILLS YOUR ENVIRONMENT POSITIVE ENERGY: Created using ethically and sustainably sourced pure ingredients, these ready-to-use Sambrani Cups, Dhoop Cups for Pooja energize your Puja room, meditation and home and spread positive energy in your living spaces.
  • EASY TO USE: These Sambrani Cups for home/ Guggul Cups/Dhoopam for Puja)/ Havan Cups are handy for everyday puja, rituals, large ceremonies and festivals. Hold the Sambrani Dhoop Cup from below, light the outer rim uniformly and place the cup on a plate/heat-resistant surface.
  • NATURAL, GUGGUL FRAGRANCE: When lit, the Sambrani Cups (Dhoop Cups/Loban Cups/Havan Cups for Pooja) spread a warm, natural fragrance brimming with the goodness of Sambrani (Guggul), leaving you and your puja room feeling energized, calm and peaceful.

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